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Sunday, May 19, 2013

well its about time I updated everyone so here goes...

Let me start by saying that I can't believe that I am almost done with my service here in Mexico. I am officially coming back to the USA on June 30th.  So a lot has happened since my last post. This semester is nearly coming to an end. I have been much busier this semester at UAQ because of the weekly 2 hour teaching training class that I have been giving as well as a graduate school writing course in English for 2 hours a week. Plus all of my other conversational classes that I give and classes at the local public elementary school. One of the things that has made these last months fly by is all my fabulous visitors. My mom coming down for a couple of months to visit and study Spanish, Reb, Chelsea and Aaron (I think they posted pics from that trip on FB), my brother (also see pics via FB). And I have my friend Hillary coming to visit in June as well as mi amiga Rosa and her  lil bro, which I am really looking forward too. So the life plan after PC is go home for un rato spend some time with the family; go out to CA for my LAST semester of grad school, graduate in December with a masters in TESOL with a concentration in Language Program Administration. It is going to be a really tough semester, so wish me luck. After graduation there is no set life plan- gasp- hopefully find an amazing job that I love that pays well and start paying off grad school debt. Anyway wrapping up teaching all my classes here and the pile of PC paperwork and medical exams that comes with ending service. I am going to really miss Mexico, I have completely fell in love with it, its really hard not too. 

So here are some pics from the last 6 months- better late then never right? 

San Miguel de Allende: Day trip with mom- There are A LOT of retired Americans who live here, its kind of mind boggling 
La Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel

Anthropology Museum; Mexico City

With my friend Rosy our un-official tour guide

Guanajuato, Guanajuato

Famous- tiny streets where you can kiss over the balconies 

The Famous kissing balcony- with a Mexican Romeo & Juliet Tale- It doesn't end well unfortunately for them but its supposed to be good luck if you kiss under it- go figure

University of Guanajuato- really good workout- the entire city is hilly- built on top of mines- travel through old mine tunnels to get around the city

The building where the most important leaders of independence were beheaded. There heads were hung from the 4 corners of this building- the placard specifies who's head was where.  

Site of founder of independence decapitated head



market entrance

Huichapan, Hidalgo Day Trip: Pueblo magico

balcony where the 1st cry of independence was shouted 

 This is just too funny :)

Read it, and you will smile

Pachuca & Huasca, Hidalgo trip

prismas basalticos: Natural wonder of Mexico

Created from the cooling of volcanic lava, thousands of years ago

Hotel Emily

famous clock in Pachuca, same clock makers that made the Big Ben. Lots of Brits immigrated due to the large mining industry. 

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  1. Hey Em! I hadn't checked this in a long time, since I know you don't post on it much. But that meant that the May 19 post was new to me today. It was great to see all the pictures, and I am not surprised that you are still having fun in Mexico. It was a great place to visit & I think I could definitely live there. But, alas, someone needs to keep Richland Center going, and I guess that is me :) So anyway, I hope you have fun with your next round of visitors & looking forward to seeing you back in July in IL.