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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Happy year of the Sheep/Ram/Goat!

Happy year of the Sheep/Ram/Goat!
So I've been seeing lots of sheep, ram, goat decorations and felt a bit confused so this article helps clarify-

It is Chinese New Year vacation! So I thought I would take this opportunity to update everyone- aka share the latest pictures from my time in Asia.

 The big news is my Mom came for a visit- which was great. Very hard to say goodbye a couple of days ago :( When she was here we took a trip to Vietnam & Cambodia- so lots of pictures this post!

Hotel Spa in Cambodia- lovely!

Temples & Ruins from the Khmer- Siem Reap 

Coconut juice

Temple where Indiana Jones & Tomb Raider were filmed

Cambodia hotel & breakfast 

Birthday dinner & hot air balloon ride to see Angkor Wat 

View from the ballon

Elephant temple-seriously had the texture of elephant skin 

Mom & the guide

Angkor Wat temple complex

Naga head

Halong bay Vietnam

Amazing caves in Halong bay

video from the Junk (boat we took Vietnam Halong bay)

Floating village

Our junk

Water puppet show Hanoi Vietnam

Tablets for scholars who passed the exam!

Pagoda Vietnam

Old capital Vietnam

Series of temples in the mountain side Vietnam

Boat ride through caves with Vietnamese fisherwoman 

Us and our fisherwoman guide

water puppet theater 


First night with mom in Taipei- xiao long bao dinner with Audrey :)

In case you can't tell we had a great trip and saw some AMAZING things! 
Street view video- Hanoi- from a cyclo

So there are a ton more pictures but I didn't want to overwhelm you- I will try to share some more in my next post ;) I hope you all are well!